Phosphor Materials

Creating the Experience

Phosphor is the luminescent material critical to many lighting applications, especially LEDs. Most white LEDs are in fact blue LEDs with a phosphor coating. Phosphor absorbs the light at the blue wavelength and reemits the photons at longer wavelengths. The phosphor emits up to 95 percent of the visible lumens from a white LED.

High Quality Useable Light

While semiconductors have been creating the most efficient light source possible, Intematix approaches from the materials science side, using rapid discovery and precision manufacturing to make that light high quality and usable in many applications. Intematix engineers have been developing and improving phosphors since 2005, and our leadership in the space is backed by strong intellectual property. By carefully tuning a mixture of red, orange, yellow and/or green phosphors, we help create the exact white customers value. Particle uniformity, high reliability and high quantum efficiency ensure that maximum energy escapes as useful light with high color rendering.

Intematix’s Broad Product Offering

Phosphors are made from a variety of materials and different combinations are appropriate for different applications. Each phosphor consists of a host material mixed with a lanthanide chromaphore or activator (making up 2-5 percent of the total). Intematix offers aluminates, garnets, nitrides, and silicates in green, yellow, red, and orange. The broad range of offerings ensures that not only can all your phosphor needs be supplied by a single supplier, but that your supplier understands how the materials interact – so you get to market faster.