Intematix Conflict Mineral Policy

As a supplier to global companies, Intematix strives to do our best to be responsible for the future of humanity and the environment.  Human rights violations and environmental deterioration caused by the mining of minerals in both Indonesia and conflict areas in 10 African countries, including DR Congo, are serious ethical issues. Thus, Intematix has banned the use of conflict minerals (3TG: tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold) that are mined in an unethical manner in conflict regions from inclusion in our products.

To establish a conflict-free system, we have implemented a process of due diligence to ensure conflict minerals are not introduced into new products under development.

Intematix manages the supply chain based on the principle of an ethical distribution process. To ensure our suppliers are held to the highest standards, we conduct thorough examinations of the origins of minerals used in our products; even those not considered conflict minerals.

Furthermore, Intematix provides guidelines to suppliers, and raises awareness about conflict mineral issues through education and support. Internally, we review information submitted by suppliers and conduct on site inspections of companies whose systems require additional verification.