Intellectual Property

Intematix's extensive Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio gives us competitive advantages in all of our product and application areas. Intematix IP includes key phosphor material compositions, including GAL, red nitrides, NYAG, and silicate phosphors and LED applications. Moreover, we are committed to continuously increase the strength of our patent portfolio by investing in research and development dedicated to advancing phosphor materials, new innovative delivery systems, including remote phosphor and other important lighting materials, components, systems and applications. Our expertise includes: luminescent materials, light and color mixing, LED lighting assemblies and optics, displays and signs.

Patent Statistics

  • Over 300 issued patents worldwide
  • Over 100 pending patent applications
  • More than 150 issued US patents
  • Filed in all major markets including: The United States, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Europe

Product & Technology Families

  • Phosphor Materials
    • Composition
    • White Conversion Applications
    • Phosphor Delivery Systems
  • Lighting, Display & Phosphor Applications
    • Lighting and Display Systems
  • Other
    • Various technology, not directly related to phosphor solutions or LED lighting applications