A proven legacy of innovation

Companies across the world look to Intematix to provide the high quality, vivid colors their customers expect.  Intematix LED phosphors are currently used in applications such as displays, general lighting and automotive lighting, while our innovative solutions shine brilliantly in a variety of commercial, residential and retail applications worldwide.

Founded in March 2000, Intematix began with C-Mat Synthesis, our proprietary and proven materials-design platform. The rapid materials discovery platform formed the foundation for the flexible and innovative style of Intematix.

Over the years, Intematix established itself as a leading provider of phosphor solutions to the LED lighting and display industries. Beginning with the Silicate line of phosphors, we quickly expanded into NYAG (Garnets), GAL (Aluminates), and Nitrides - moving from extremely high reliability towards unmatched light quality. Our new KSF phosphors enable vivid displays with outstanding reliability. Intematix continues to invest in innovation, providing our customers the broadest portfolio of phosphor materials to meet their evolving product requirements.

Intematix research and development team works to improve not only our phosphors, but their methods of application.  In 2011, Intematix introduced ChromaLit remote phosphor leveraging its deep intellectual property in the remote phosphors lighting field. Since then, ChromaLit technology has advanced from plastics and glass to silicone and tri-extrusion technology. The scientists at Intematix continuously stay one-step ahead of the every changing evolution of LED solid-state lighting.

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000 registered, and we take great pride in meeting environmental and safety regulations while providing products, services, and customer support of the highest quality. With over 470 patents awarded or filed worldwide, we stand firmly on the strength of our ability to innovate and create high quality, energy-efficient solid-state lighting products.