More than most other applications, automotive lighting must meet the most demanding performance expectations.  Intematix phosphors lead the industry in their applicability to the intense heat and light characteristic particularly of the newest designs for headlights in vehicles.

Our NYAG line of phosphors has the highest efficacy available and targets the color requirements for headlights.

Intematix GAL phosphors have among the highest temperature stability available in the industry enabling high lumen density for precise and efficient high intensity lighting.

Automotive Applications

NYAG - high efficiency, thermal stability, reliability and consistency

  • Yellow offers the brightest, highest lumens/watt LEDs and lower cost, higher yield LED production, reducing phosphor contributions to binning with reliably consistent color. It is also a straightforward design as single phosphor solution for white LEDs
  • GNYAG – Green YAG offers high efficiency, thermal stability and reliability with high brightness, and a high lumens/watt solution for mid range 80CRI in combination with shorter wavelength red. It also solves problems of sub-optimal CRI and efficacy with YAG yellow and long wavelength red

GAL (Aluminate) - wide spectral width, high efficiency, reliability and superior thermal stability

  • Green GAL enables high CRI, up to 98, with the widest spectral width of FWHM (120nm) & increases efficacy, thermal stability and lowers costs for high power/flux LED systems
  • Yellow GAL allows a single phosphor solution for white LEDs and enables LED makers who do not possess IP license to use YAG

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