General Lighting Phosphor Solutions

ChromaLit Remote Phosphor

While ChromaLit remote phosphor is ideal for studio and entertainment lighting (extremely high R9 & CRI), as well as other interior and exterior general lighting applications, the latest tri-extrusion technology was optimized specifically for the commercial market area.  ChromaLit Linear delivers the light density required to displace high wattage fluorescent tubes for commercial area lighting. The remote phosphor architecture reduces system costs and increases efficacy compared to conventional LED designs while delivering superior light quality and consistency.

Remote phosphor, as a system, is intrinsically a smart solution to general lighting as it offers:

  • New design options for functional  lighting applications
  • Glare free non-pixelated lighting
  • Uniform consistent lighting
  • Increased energy savings and lower total cost of ownership
  • Supports broad market requirements for high quality lighting with improved inventory management
  • 3 SDCM color consistency
  • Up to 30% higher system efficacy compared to white LED solutions
  • CCT options ranging from 2700K to 5600K with a CRI range of 70 to 98

General Lighting Applications

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