Advanced Developments

Leading in Innovation

Intematix is committed to being first to market with the next breakthroughs in luminous materials and solutions for LED lighting.

Our advanced technology division is composed of PhD level scientists from materials and chemical disciplines who focus on innovation beyond what is currently known in the field of luminous materials.  With state of the art equipment and laboratories, Intematix is confident that the next generation of materials that enhance the efficiency and quality of light are emerging from our advanced technology development division.

Current Major Projects

Major projects that our advanced technology division are engaged with include the following:

  • Narrow spectral bandwidth emission systems like narrow band red, yellow and green phosphors
  • Extension of spectral emission to shorter wavelengths
  • Phosphor delivery systems that increase LED yield and lower production costs and support manufacturing trends like CSP and wafer-level-processing (WLP).

Projects in Partnership

Many other projects are underway in partnership with our customer and partners among additional confidential initiatives.

Advanced Equipment

Intematix's advanced technology division has at its disposal state-of-the-art development equipment and testing and metrology systems. These resources include:

  • Rapid throughput screening and active compound identification systems
  • High temperature and high pressure sintering furnaces
  • Solid state and liquid reaction apparatus
  • Particle shaping and treating systems
  • Large format integrating spheres, spectro-photometers and absorption/scattering metrology

All of the above resources are continuously evaluated and updated so as to ensure Intematix leads in innovation.