Intematix Phosphor IP Leadership

Intematix is a proven innovator with a deep focus on intellectual property. With hundreds of patents and patent applications in LED lighting technology, Intematix is a world leader in enabling quality LED lighting and display.

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Intematix’s innovation began over a decade ago with investments in the research and development of novel phosphor materials. Intematix has a large number of patents and pending applications on phosphor materials alone and covers all of the major geographic markets throughout the world, including The United States, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe. Intematix also has key trade secrets that enable Intematix to manufacture industry-leading phosphor products.

With the broadest phosphor offering in the world and the widest choice of wavelengths and color points in each family, Intematix’s innovation in phosphor materials uniquely enables our customers to meet industry demands. Intematix has a broad patent portfolio that covers a wide range of phosphor materials, including Silicates, GAL (Aluminates), NYAG (Garnets), and Nitrides.

Our comprehensive patent portfolio is the result of the company’s commitment to research and development. Each of our phosphor families includes key IP – including both patents and proprietary trade secrets – that help make us the industry leader. Intematix firmly stands behind all of its products with indemnification protection for customers. Please refer to Intematix’s Terms and Conditions of Sale for more details on indemnification.