Intematix ChromaLit IP Leadership

Intematix Corporation, a leading innovator of patented phosphor materials and components for high-quality LED lighting, has an extensive Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio related to phosphor and remote phosphor technology used in general and solid-state lighting applications. Our ChromaLit products, which are based on our patented phosphor materials IP, use cutting edge materials and manufacturing technology to help designers develop superior LED lighting fixtures and LED retrofit lamps for today’s lighting industry. The unsurpassed performance of our ChromaLit products is the result of more than a decade of research and development that is protected by Intematix’s IP portfolio.

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Not only do we have a number of patent and pending patent applications specifically related to our ChromaLit remote phosphor products and materials, we also have a large portfolio of patents and patent applications on the proprietary phosphor materials used in our ChromaLit products.  Our patents also cover remote phosphor applications for lamps, down lights, lighting, modules, linear lights, desk, floor standing, wall sconces, spot, outdoor, troffer and accent lighting fixtures.

Based on our investigation, we do not believe that our ChromaLit, ChromaLit XT, and ChromaLit 360 products infringe on any valid and issued patents of any company. Also, we believe that the application of these ChromaLit products in down light, linear light and light bulb applications do not infringe on any valid patent claims.  In fact, we are so confident that Intematix’s ChromaLit products do not infringe on any of our competitors’ patents that we will defend and settle any claims brought by a third-party against them alleging that Intematix’s ChromaLit products infringe any valid claims – subject to our general Terms and Conditions for product sales.

For additional questions about the collection of IP related to Intematix’s phosphor and remote phosphor technology, please contact Intematix.


*ChromaLit is a trademark of Intematix.