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      Date: May  8, 2008
     Title: Intematix Technology Center Unveils LED "Chip on Ceramic" Solutions Optimized for General Purpose Solid State Lighting

Fremont, California and Yang Mei, Taiwan – May 8, 2008 -- Intematix Corp., a leading innovator in materials, phosphors, LED lighting components and integration services, today announced a broad expansion of its product offerings with the introduction of a complete line of patented "chip on ceramic" LEDs and LED arrays. Available through its subsidiary, Intematix Technology Center (ITC) of Yang Mei, Taiwan, the new line of solid state lighting components leverages Intematix' recognized expertise in phosphor and material development to offer solid state lighting manufacturers and integrators reliable, high-efficiency LED components across a full range of color temperatures. Typical performance from an 8000K cool white production device is 80 lumens/watt, while warm white 3300K devices are delivering 70 lumens/watt from the packaged 1 watt devices.

Acquired in June 2007 ITC initially provided marketing and integration support for Intematix phosphors and other key components, including chips and silicones from strategic partners in the greater China market. With direct access to critical components, the center has provided LED packagers with the full compliment of materials necessary for rapid prototyping and deployment of any phosphor-based solid state lighting solution. Since that time, ITC has rapidly expanded its full service integration and production capabilities, and is now in volume production with a range of chip-on-ceramic and integrated light engines/modules to support the needs of solid state lighting system providers.

"There are hundreds of luminaire manufacturers, from Tier I down, that are looking for both single-chip LEDs and arrays that can be specifically tailored to their fixtures and applications," says Intematix' Director of Lighting Business Development, Ilkan Cokgor. "These new patent-backed product lines successfully leverage Intematix' knowledge of phosphors, packaging materials, optics, and thermal management to simplify those lighting manufacturer's designs and accelerate their time to market."

Solid state lighting (SSL) offers the promise of a high-quality light source combined with efficiency levels that will soon surpass fluorescent fixtures in terms of overall cost of ownership. All forms of efficient lighting are receiving increased attention as more nations make conservation policies a key priority. Solid state lighting provides additional benefits since LEDs are mercury-free, RoHS compliant and boast substantially increased lifetimes when properly designed and integrated.

The new ITC product lines designated Apus and Cetus, are available now in volume production quantities. The Apus line of single chip packages offers high efficiency in a compact point source that ranges from only 3mm to 5mm square in size. It typically delivers up to 80lm/W at 1W for 5500K cool white and 70lm/W at 1W for 3300K warm white. When making use of Intematix' new red phosphor technology, coloring rendering is typically greater than 90, even at these high efficiency levels. The chip-array-on-ceramic Cetus line is available in configurations from 4 to hundreds of chips in series or parallel, as well as series/parallel combinations.

"The Cetus employs a unique cavity design. Each cavity is connected through LTCC ceramic substrates, allowing ITC to create any desired array configuration and still deliver an illumination profile with a pleasant, smooth and natural looking light," said Mr. Harik Su, ITC's Vice President of Engineering, and inventor of the unique packaging design. "These arrays really combine the features lighting companies are looking for which are ease of design, tight binning, robust thermal management and a simplified and scalable power and area design." The Cetus line can be directly driven at common DC and AC voltages.

For additional information on design support and product offerings, Intematix ITC representatives will be available at the 2008 edition of the USA LightFair International, being held May 28 to 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the web, visit or the Intematix Technology Center directly at

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